"I could never draw or paint or do anything like that. I picked this camera up, and I could paint"
- Don FauntLeRoy

I'm Chris and welcome to my website.

From a young age i was always interested in cinema, the local video store and picture house where my main two hangouts. Something about these different worlds i was being shown on a weekly basis captured my imagination from early on and i always wondered how they where created.

This sense of wonder and intrigue led me to follow an education in the media and film industry.
Studying film and media just give me more inspiration to pick up a camera and start shooting. 

After getting a real taste for camera operation whilst shooting the live music scene in Liverpool, I sought out to get trained properly in camera use and the technical knowhow behind cameras and what they did.

I went on to study photography, graduated top of my class with triple distinctions.

I am a very dreamy person and imagine life is like a film, see each situation how i want my audience to perceive it.


I can help you realise your moment, and capture it.


So why wait to discover your dreams?
Now here’s your chance? -
 Chino Moreno